Available downloads are listed below. For each tunebook there may be a set of scores suitable for printing or saving (usually by using your browser to print to or export to a .pdf), formatted abc (for printing), plain abc (for loading into apps such as the Craic).

Note that the dots for any set of tunes are in a single file without page breaks.

Note that downloads may not include all the latest changes. More recent tunes can be printed or saved as pdf from individual tune or chord pages. Download images (pdf) are current as of 14 September 2023, abc is much older.

Tunebookpdfpdf of chords onlyformatted abcplain abc
QPlus Session Tunes
QPlus Session Chords
QPlus Session Tunes

QPlus Session Tunes - plain
All Québec
Tunes as .pdf

Chords as .pdf

Tunes - formatted .abc

Tunes - plain .abc
MadCoCo Tunes

MadCoCo Chords
MadCoCo TunesMadCoCo plain abc
MadCoCo MedleysMedleys, October 2023 MadCoCo MedleysMadCoCo Medleys
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