Moldy Jam test

A selection of tunes played by folks who get together at Moldy Jam sessions in Madison, WI. This is an example set of tunes and will probably be modified. Meanwhile…

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Amelia’s[]modernwaltzDmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Angeline The Baker[]American Old TimereelAngelineFlyAround
DmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Ashokan Farewell[]modernwaltzDmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Avalon Quickstep[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
The Banshee[]IrishreelFergal ScahillGmajMoldy
Barlow Knife[]American Old TimereelGmajMoldy
La Bastringue[]QuébecreelDmajMadCoCo, QPlus, Moldy
Bay of Fundy[]MaritimesreelLuc Richard fiddle and piano. w/Mason’s Apron
Lissa Schneckenburger, Bethany Waickman w/Reel de Montreal
Bill Guest, solo fiddle
DmajQPlus, Moldy
Behind The Bush In The Garden[]IrishjigAndy McGann, Paddy Reynolds, Paul Brady
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
The Belfast Hornpipe[]IrishhornpipeDmajMoldy
Big Sciota[]American Old TimereelAly Bain & Jay Ungar et alGmajMoldy
Bill Cheatham[]BluegrassreelAmajMoldy
Bill Sullivan’s[]IrishpolkaTitanic
Cairo / Bill Sullivan
AmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Billy in the Lowground[]American Old TimereelCmajMoldy
Bonnie Charlie[]Scotlandhornpipe, reelDm Moldy
Booth Shot Lincoln[]American Old TimereelAmajMoldy
The Boys Of Bluehill[]IrishhornpipeDmajMoldy
Buffalo Gals[]American Old TimereelOld Town School
Old Town School
Buffalo Gals / NewcastleGmajMadCoCo, Moldy
The Butterfly @ MJ[]Irishslip jigfiddles,guitar, banjoGmajMoldy
Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July[]American Old TimemarchSouthern String Band performance
Fiddle: Bill See, Banjo: Glenn Godsey, Guitar: Mike Long
Hard Cider String Band at Fiddler’s Grove
Canyon Moonrise[]modernwaltzEminMoldy
Chicken Under the Washtub[]American Old TimereelThe Sweet LowdownDdor, DmixMoldy
Cluck Old Hen[]American Old TimereelAdorMoldy
Cold Frosty Morning[]American Old TimereelOld Town SchoolColdWren
Cold Frosty-Kitchen Girl
AdorMadCoCo, Moldy
Colored Aristocracy[]American Old TimereelGmajMoldy
Crested Hens[]IrishwaltzSolas, as a slow air
Gitar Cafe Concert in Istanbul, low whistle
Cuckoo’s Nest @ MJ[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
Denis Murphy’s Polka[]IrishpolkaTitanicDmajMadCoCo, Moldy
The Diamond[]IrishwaltzDmajMoldy
Doon the Brae @ MJ[]ScottishmarchEminMoldy
The Dusty Windowsill[]IrishjigAdorMoldy
Ebenezer[]American Old TimereelGmajMoldy
El Paso Waltz[]modernwaltzAmajMoldy
Elzic’s Farewell[]American Old TimereelFrench CarpenterAdorMoldy
Falls of Richmond @ MJ[]American Old TimereelAdor, Amix, AdorMoldy
Far Away[]modernwaltzBminMadCoCo, Moldy
Far From Home[]ShetlandreelGmajMoldy
Farewell to Whiskey[]ScottishairGmajMoldy
Farewell Trion[]American Old TimereelCmajMoldy
The Finnish Polka[]ScandinavianpolkaKevin Burke
Ievan Polkka a capella
lumberjack band, 1952
Mairis / Finnish
Gaspe Finnish
BminMadCoCo, Moldy
Fisher’s Hornpipe @ D[]EnglishhornpipeOld Town School
Vi Wickam’s Fiddle Tune a Day
crooked, from Laurie Hart
Flop Eared Mule[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
The Flowers of Edinburgh[]ScottishairGmajMoldy
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss[]American Old TimereelNew Lost City Ramblers
slow demo OTS)
Ola Belle Reed
Carol Ormand calling
Fly Around Sandy Boys
DmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Forked Deer[]American Old TimereelTaylors Kentucky Boys
Bruce Molsky, multi part
Lightning in the East, five parts
Old Town School
DmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Frosty Morning[]American Old TimereelADorMoldy
Galway Hornpipe[]IrishhornpipeAndy McGann and Paul Brady (as McDermott’s)
fiddle and guitar (with Belfast Hornpipe)
Blackberry Blossom @ Eddy[]American Old TimereelRachel Eddy on fiddle, with Walkin’ in My Sleep
Kerry Blech’s history with examples
Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom[]American Old TimereelRachel Eddy on fiddle, with Walkin’ in My SleepGmixMoldy
The Girl I Left Behind Me[]American Old TimereelOld Town SchoolGirl Liberty
Girl Doon the Brae
Girl Willafjord
GmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Goin’ Down to Cairo[]American Old Timereelfiddle & banjo, slow
lesson, Bob Borcherding
Cairo St-Tim
Cairo Bill Sullivan
GmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Greasy Coat[]American Old TimereelAugusta, Anna Roberts-Gevalt et al,
Edden Hammons
Green Willis[]American Old TimemarchFuzzy Mountain String Band
Old Town School
Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman @ MJ[]QuébecreelLouis Beaudoin
Hope Grietzer with Dannielle Spindler Swart
Old Town School demo
Amin, AmixMoldy
Hangman’s Reel @ MJ[]American Old TimereelAmajMoldy
Harvest Home[]IrishhornpipeDmajMoldy
Haste to the Wedding[]EnglishjigSpringfield Technical Community CollegeDmajMoldy
Hunting the Buffalo @ A[]American Old TimereelAmajMoldy
Hunting the Buffalo @ D[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
Indian Corn[]American Old TimereelChirps Smith and Stephanie Coleman
Arto Jarvela, harmony for above
Bigfoot String Band (Rhys Jones)
The Inishowen[]Irishwaltzwith Danny McLaughlinGmajMoldy
Inishowen jig[]IrishjigBminMoldy
Jackson Stomp[]jug bandreelMississippi Mud SteppersAmajMoldy
Jacky Tar[]ScottishhornpipeEminMoldy
Jaybird[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
Jeff City[]American Old TimereelGmajMoldy
Jenny Lind[]American Old TimepolkaEdward II – recording
Eliza Carthy
Jimmy in the Swamp[]American Old TimereelOld Town SchoolGmajMadCoCo, Moldy
John Stenson’s #2[]IrishreelAmixMoldy
Josefin’s Dopvals @ G[]Scandinavianwaltzby the composer, live, with VäsenGmajMoldy
Julia Delaney @ MJ[]IrishreelEileen who-needs-backup Ivers
Fergal Scahill’s tune a day
June Apple[]American Old TimereelDoc Watson and David Holt
Michael Daves & Friends
The Kerfunken[]IrishjigDmajMoldy
Kitchen Girl[]American Old TimereelOld Town SchoolCold Frosty-Kitchen GirlAmix, AdorMadCoCo, Moldy
Lament of The First Generation[]IrishairLiz Carroll with Steve CooneyDMixMoldy
Langstrom’s Pony[]Irishjigle Ceoltóiri CultúrlainneAmixMoldy
Liberty[]American Old TimereelBob WillsGirl Liberty
DmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Little Rabbit []American Old TimereelCrockett’s Kentucky MountaineersAmajMoldy
Magpie[]American Old TimereelFuzzy Mountain String BandGmajMoldy
Margaret’s Waltz[]EnglishwaltzAly Bain and Peerie Willie JohnstonAmajMoldy
Merrily Kiss The Quaker[]IrishslidePlanxtyGmajMoldy
Midnight On The Water[]TexaswaltzDmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Mississippi Palisades[]American Old TimereelChirps, Demo
Chirps, Slow
Chirps and Charlie Walden
Mississippi Sawyer @ MJ[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
Morpeth Rant[]Englishreelsolo fiddle
fiddle, concertina, accordion, guitar – from Jakarta!
Morpeth / Growling
Spoot/ Morpeth / Growling
DmajMadCoCo, Moldy
My Darling Asleep[]IrishjigFergal ScahillDmajMoldy
Nail that Catfish to a Tree[]American Old TimereelSteve Rosen, slow)
Volo Bogtrotters demo)
Volo Bogtrotters, performance
Needlecase[]American Old TimereelDan Levenson
Bob Carlin
Needlecase / Nixon’s
Nixon’s / Needlecase
DmajMadCoCo, Moldy
The New Leaf[]modernreelDmajMoldy
North Carolina Breakdown[]American Old TimereelGmajMoldy
Oh Susanna[]American Old TimereelGmajMoldy
Old Chattanooga[]Americann Old TimereelGmajMoldy
Old French[]QuébecreelPatty Kusturok
Dmaj, AmixQPlus, Moldy
Old Joe Clark[]American Old TimereelAmixMoldy
Old Mother Flanagan[]American Old TimereelAmajMoldy
Old Yeller Dog (Came Trottin’ Through the Meeting House)[]American Old TimereelOld Yeller / Catfish
Old Yeller / Pony
Out on the Ocean[]IrishjigGmajMoldy
Over the Waterfall[]American Old TimereelDmix, DmajMoldy
Paddy On The Turnpike[]IrishreelGdorMoldy
Pays d’Haut[]QuébecreelDmajQPlus, MadCoCo, Moldy
Pig Ankle Rag[]jug bandragDmajMoldy
Ragtime Annie[]TexasragDmaj, GmajMoldy
Red Haired Boy[]IrishreelSeneca / Red HairedAmixMadCoCo, Moldy
Red Hills Polka[]American Old TimepolkaDmajMoldy
Red Wing[]Tin Pan AlleyreelSusanna / RedWing
Red Wing / Waterfall
Johnny and Dorothy / RedWing
GmajMadCoCo, Moldy
The Rights of Man[]IrishhornpipeEminMoldy
Rock the Cradle Joe @ MJ[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
Saddle Old Paint @ leadsheet[]American Old Time, MétisreelJamie Fox
Dornfeld, Bugge, nd Fox
Sadie at the Back Door[]American Old TimereelDmixMoldy
St. Anne’s Reel[]QuébecreelDmajQPlus, Moldy
Sally in the Garden @ MJ[]American Old TimereelBela Fleck & Abigail Washburn, Cdor
Laurel Premo, Anna Gustavsson – gourd banjo and nyckelharpa
Critton Hollow String Band
Sandy Boys @ Am[]American Old TimereelFly Around Sandy Boys
Hundred Pipers / Sandy Boys
AminMadCoCo, Moldy
Sarah Armstrong’s Tune[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
Scatter the Mud[]IrishjigAdorMoldy
Sean Ryan’s @ Polka[]IrishpolkaTitanicDmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Seneca Square Dance[]American Old TimereelGmajMoldy
Shenandoah Falls[]American Old TimereelAmajMoldy
Shoes And Stockings[]American Old TimereelWalt KokenGmajMoldy
Shove that Pig’s Foot a Little Farther in the Fire[]American Old TimereelGmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Da Slockit Light[]Shetland airHanneke Cassel, (beautiful demo with sample lesson)
by the composer
Soldier’s Joy[]American Old TimereelGid Tanner & The Skillet Lickers
from Will the Circle be Unbroken
Franklin George, banjo
Spotted Pony[]American Old TimereelForkySpotty
Old Yeller / Pony
DmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Squirrel Hunters[]American Old TimereelAmixMoldy
Tam Lin @ Am[]IrishreelRenée Doucet
Neal Pointon apparently in disguise as a child
Tam Lin @ Dm[]IrishreelRenée Doucet
Neal Pointon apparently in disguise as a child
Tater Patch[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
Temperance Reel[]IrishreelGmajMoldy
Tennessee Waltz @ lead sheet[]modernwaltzDmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Three Thin Dimes[]American Old TimereelAmajMoldy
Tipping Back the Corn[]American Old TimereelChirps Smith
Old Buck with Riley Baugus
Tommy Bhetty’s Waltz[]IrishwaltzAltan – The Red CrowGmajMoldy
Too Young to Marry[]IrishreelGet Up in the CoolDmajMoldy
Trip to Pakistan[]Bretonan droEminMoldy
Utpick Waltz[]TexaswaltzJay Unger and Molly MasonGmajMoldy
Valley Forge[]American Old TimereelDmixMoldy
Valse des Jeunes Filles[]modernwaltzMalcolm Dalglish & Grey LarsenDmajMadCoCo, QPlus, Moldy
Waiting For Nancy[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
West Fork Gals[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
Western Country[]American Old TimereelDmajMoldy
Whiskey Before Breakfast[]MetisreelWhiskey Before / Catfish
DmajMadCoCo, Moldy
Winder Slide[]IrishreelRayna GellertDmajMoldy
Yellow Rose of Texas[]American Old TimereelCathy Fink, Marcy Marxer, Janie Rothfield and Ralph GordonYellow Road
YellowRose / Seneca
DmajMadCoCo, Moldy
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