Moldy Jam example

A selection of tunes played by folks who get together at Moldy Jam sessions in Madison, WI. This is an example set of tunes and will probably be modified. Meanwhile…

Click on the name of any tune to see the dots or click on “[]” to see the chords by themselves. Use your browser’s “back” button (once or twice) to return to this page.

You can filter the list using the search box, or sort the list using the arrows at the right of each column.

Clicking on the dots will play the tune if you are on a computer or iPad.

Download files will be created if there is enough interest. They will be available in either .pdf or .abc format. Like this site these formats will work on iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Angeline The Baker[]reelDmaj
Ashokan Farewell[]waltzDmaj
Barlow Knife[]reelGmaj
La Bastringue[]reelDmaj
Big Sciota[]reelGmajAly Bain & Jay Ungar et al
Bill Cheatham[]reelAmaj
Bill Sullivan's[]polkaAmaj
Booth Shot Lincoln[]reelAmaj
The Boys Of Bluehill[]hornpipeDmaj
Buffalo Gals[]reelGmajOld Town School
The Butterfly @ MJ[]slip jigGmaj
Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July[]marchDmajSouthern String Band performance
Cluck Old Hen[]reelAdor
Cold Frosty Morning[]reelAdorOld Town School
Cuckoo's Nest @ MJ[]reelDmaj
Denis Murphy's Polka[]polkaDmaj
Doon the Brae @ MJ[]marcEmin
Falls of Richmond @ MJ[]reelAdor, Amix
Far Away[]waltzBmin
The Finnish Polka[]polkaBminIevan Polkka a capella
Flop Eared Mule[]reelDmaj
The Flowers of Edinburgh[]airGmaj
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss[]reelDmajNew Lost City Ramblers
The Girl I Left Behind Me[]reelGmajOld Town School
Goin' Down to Cairo[]reelGmajfiddle & banjo, slow
Green Willis[]marchDmajFuzzy Mountain String Band
Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman @ MJ[]reelAmin,AmixOld Town School demo
La Gueussinette[]waltzBminTidal Wave/Raz-de-Marée
Hangman's Reel @ MJ[]reelAmaj
The Inishowen[]waltzGmajwith Danny McLaughlin
Josefin's Dopvals @ G[]waltzGmajby the composer, live, with Väsen
Julia Delaney @ MJ[]reelDminEileen who-needs-backup Ivers
Kitchen Girl[]reelAmix, AdorOld Town School
Liberty[]reelDmajBob Wills
Midnight On The Water[]waltzDmaj
Mississippi Sawyer @ MJ[]reelDmaj
Needlecase[]reelDmajDan Levenson
Oh Susanna[]reelGmaj
Over the Waterfall[]reelDmix, Dmaj
Ragtime Annie[]ragDmaj, Gmaj
Red Hills Polka[]polkaDmaj
Red Wing[]reelGmaj
Rock the Cradle Joe @ MJ[]reelDmaj
Sadie at the Back Door[]reelDmix
Sally in the Garden @ MJ[]reelAdorCritton Hollow String Band
Sandy Boys @ Am[]reelAmin
Sarah Armstrong's Tune[]reelDmaj
Sean Ryan's @ Polka[]polkaDmaj
Seneca Square Dance[]reelGmaj
Shenandoah Falls[]reelAmaj
Shove that Pig's Foot a Little Farther in the Fire[]reelGmaj
Soldier's Joy[]reelDmajfrom Will the Circle be Unbroken
Spotted Pony[]reelDmaj
Three Thin Dimes[]reelAmaj
Valley Forge[]reelDmix
Waiting For Nancy[]reelDmaj
West Fork Gals[]reelDmaj
Yellow Rose of Texas[]reelDmajCathy Fink, Marcy Marxer, Janie Rothfield and Ralph Gordon
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