Tunebook FAQ

How do I see the music (the score)?

Click on a link in the table of contents to see the score of the tune or tunes.

Can I hear what the tune sounds like?

If there is a column of “Examples” in the table of contents, just click on the link to hear a performance of the tune. Otherwise, If you are using a computer, then click on the tune title to see the the score, then click somewhere inside the score to hear the computer play it. This does not seem to work consistently (if at all) on mobile devices. Maybe soon.

How do I get back to the index table after looking at a score?

You need to use the back arrow or button in your browser.

How come that didn’t work?

Some browsers want you to hit the arrow or button twice to go back to the table of contents.

Can I get the .abc?

Yes. When looking at a score, click on the yellow menu button at the upper right and select Source edit to see the underlying abc and allow your to edit it. NOTE: edits will not be saved. To copy the .abc, edited or not, just use copy and paste on your device. You can also download the tunebooks in various forms.

Wait, what’s “.abc”?

It’s a way of storing music files that is used by most large repositories of traditional tunes on the web, like The Session, and the Traditional Tune Archive . Music can be displayed on almost every device, and the user can edit the file so it matches what they (want to) play. There are several hundred thousand (yes) fiddle tunes freely available on the web in this format. If you want to know more you can look here or here.

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