Tunes and medleys played (either currently or in the past) by the Madison Contradance Co-op band.

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Table of Contents

La Gueussinette[]n/aQuébecwaltzBmin
The Ballyvourney[]BallyBelle []IrishpolkaAmidBallyvourny and Belle Isa
La Bastringue[]n/aQuébecreelDmaj
La Belle Isa[]BallyBelle []modernpolkaAmixSteve Jones et al. (open mic)
Ballyvourny and Belle Isa
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine[]BonaparteLiberty []American Old TimemarchDmaj
The Boy's Lament for his Dragon[]BoyRobertsonScottishreelAdor
The Bus Stop[]CoffeeBusStopmodernreelAmKeltricity (live)
Cairo, Goin' Down to[]CairoSullivan []
CairoStTim []
American Old TimereelGmaj
Coffee[]CoffeeBusStopmodernreelAmKeltricity (live)
Cold Frosty Morning[]ColdFrostyWhiskey []
FrostyKitchen []
FrostyDeer []
ColdWren []
American Old TimereelAdor
Coleman's March[]ColemansDanforth []
ColeWren(Wren) []
American Old TimemarchDmaj
Cowboy Jig[]Ocean Cowboy []American Old TimejigAmajCowboy Jig
Da Lounge Bar[]LoungeBirdsWalk []
LoungeoftheLivingstons []
December March[]RoddyDecember []modernmarchDmaj
Doon the Brae[]BraeTim []
GirlDoonBrae []
Fading Light[]Fading Reign of Love[]modernjigemindemo & lesson
Fair Jenny's Jig[]FairJennysCalliope []modernjigDmaj
The Finnish Polka[]FinnSully []
MairisFinnish []
Gaspé Reel[]You Married Gaspe[]
Out on the Gaspé[]
GoldenGaspe []
The Girl I Left Behind Me[]GirlWilla []
GirlDoonBrae []
American Old TimereelGmaj
Goin' Down to Cairo[]CairoSullivan []
CairoStTim []
American Old TimereelGmaj
Green Mountain Petronella[]PetronellasNew EnglandReelDmaj
Johnny and Dorothy Livingston[]DorothyRedWing []
BellesJohnnyDorothy []
LoungeoftheLivingstons []
Karapyet[]KK []Eastern EuropeanreelDmin
Katushka[]KK []Eastern EuropeanreelAmin
Kesh Jig[]OceanMorrisonKesh []
MorrisonsKesh []
Liberty[]BonaparteLiberty []American Old TimereelDmaj
Mairi's Wedding[]MairisFinnish []ScottishstrathspeyGmaj
La Maison de Glâce[]MaisonPrintemps []
TourmentIceHouse []
March of St Timothy[]BraeTim []
CairoStTim []
Morrison's Jig[]MorrisonCliffPat []
MorrisonsKesh []
Motel Henry[]You Married Motel Henry []QuebecreelAmajBeantown Stomp
On the Danforth[]NewcastleDanforth []
ColemansDanforth []
Out on the Ocean[]OceanCowboy []
Out on the Gaspé []
OceanMorrisonKesh []
OceanChickadeeDanforth []
Over the Waterfall[]WaterfallRoscoe []
SenecaWaterfall []
American Old TimereelDmix
Petronella[]PetronellasNew EnglandReelDmaj
Reign of Love[]Fading Reign of Love[]modernrelEminFree Raisins
Robertson's Reel[]BoyRobertsonmodernreelAmaj
Roddy McCorley[]RoddyDecember []IrishmarchDmaj
Roscoe[]TimmyRoscoe []American Old TimereelGmaj
Seneca Square Dance[]SenecaWaterfall []
YellowRoseSeneca []
SenecaRedHaired []
American Old Time reelreelGmaj
The Susan Birds of Wendell[]SusanbirdStPats []
SusanBirdWalk []
LoungeBirdsWalk []
Timmy Clifford's[]TimmyRoscoe []IrishjigGmaj
Le Tourment[]TourmentIceHouse []QuébecjigCmaj
The Walk Home[]SusanBirdWalk []
LoungeBirdsWalk []
The Wren[]ColeWrenWren []
StPatsWren []
ColdWren []
Bretonan droEmin
You Married My DaughterYou Married Motel Henry
You Married Gaspe[]
YMMDJenny []
Angeline The Baker[]AngelineFlyAround []
American Old TimereelDmaj
Archibald McDonald of Keppoch[]n/aScotlandwaltzDmin
Ashokan Farewell[]n/amodernwaltzDmaj
Baridhara[]ElftuneBaridhara []modernjigAdor
Battle Cry of Freedom[]BattleCryJubilo []Tin Pan AlleymarchDmaj
The Belles about the Flat Bush[]BellesNewcastle []
BellesJohnnyDorothy []
Bill Sullivan's[]Titanic
FinnSully []
CairoSullivan []
Bonnie at Morn[]n/aNorthumbriawaltzAminfiddle & melodeon
Brenda Stubbert's Reel[]n/aCape BretonreelAdor
Buffalo Gals[]BuffNewcastle []American Old TimereelGmaj
Calliope House @ D[]FairJennysCalliope []modernjigDmaj
Calliope House @ E[]FairJennysCalliope []modernjigEmaj
The Chickadee's Polka[]Quêteux Chickadee []
ChickadeeJenny []
OceanChickadeeDanforth []
modernpolkaGmajAudrey Knuth & Max Newman
Chorus Jig[]n/aNew EnglandreelDmix-Gmaj-Dmaj-Gmaj
Cliffs of Moher[]RoadCliffs(KitchenGirl)
Connaughtman's Rambles[]n/aIrelandjigBmin
Crossing to Ireland[]n/amodernwaltzEminCrossing to Ireland/Rights of Man
The Dancer[]n/aNew EnglandwaltzEmin
Denis Murphy's Polka[]Titanic []IrishpolkaDmaj
Jig Dimanche Après Midi[]n/aQuébecjigAmaj
Don't You Remember the Time[]n/aAmerican Old TimewaltzGmaj
Don't You Remember the Time @ Harmony[]n/aAmerican Old TimewaltzGmaj
Dorset Four Hand Reel[]Dorset Gaspé []English Country DancereelDmaj
Elftune[]ElftuneBaridhara []modernjigDmix-Dmaj
Fading Light[]n/amodernjigEmin
Far Away[]n/amodernwaltzBmin
La Fée des Dents[]n/aQuébecjigGmaj
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss[]AngelineFlyAround []American Old TimereelDmaj
Forked Deer[]ForkySpotty []
FrostyDeer []
American Old TimereelDmaj
Golden Slippers[]GoldenGaspe []
DorsetSlippers []
The Golden Ticket[]n/amodernreelGmaj
Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman[]SpootMorGrowl []QuébecreelAdor-Amix
demo and lesson
Hull's Victory[]n/aNew EnglandmarchFmaj
Hundred Pipers[]HundredSandy []
LisdoonvarnaPipers []
endorsed by composer
Jenny Lind @ Edward II[]YMMDJenny []
ChickadeeJenny []
Jimmy in the Swamp[]n/aAmerican Old TimereelGmaj
Josefin's Dopvals[]n/aScandinavianwaltzFmaj
Josefin's Dopvals @ G[]n/aScandinavianwaltzGmaj
Judy and Jim's Wedding[]n/amodernwaltzDmaj
Karis Pers polska[]n/aScandinavianpolskaDmaj
Kitchen Girl[]FrostyKitchen []American Old TimereelAmix-Ador
Kitty McGee[]n/aIrishjigDmaj
Life's Fortune[]newOld TimewaltzDmaj
Marche à Quêteux Pomerleau[]Quêteux Chickadee []
QPQ []
PomerleauJubilo []
Midnight On The Water[]n/aTexaswaltzDmaj
Money Musk[]n/aScottishreelAmaj
Morpeth Rant[]SpootMorGrowl []EnglishreelDmaj
My Cape Breton Home[]n/aMaritimeswaltzGmaj
Nail that Catfish to a Tree[]OldYellerCatfish []WhiskeyBeforeCatfish []American Old TimereelGmaj
Needlecase[]NixonNeedlecase []
NeedlecaseNixon []
American Old TimereelDmaj
Newcastle[]BellesNewcastle []
BuffNewcastle []
Nixon's Farewell[]NixonNeedlecase []
NeedlecaseNixon []
American Old TimereelDmaj
Oh Susanna[]SusannaRedWing []American Old TimereelGmaj
Old Joe Clark[]OldJoeNancy []American Old TimereelGmaj
Old Yeller Dog (Came Trottin' Through the Meeting House)[]OldYellerCatfish []OldYellerPony []American Old TimereelGmaj
Pays d'Haut[]n/aQuébecreelDmaj
Red Haired Boy[]SenecaRedHaired []IrishreelAmix
Red Wing[]DorothyRedWing []
SusannaRedWing []
Tin Pan AlleyreelGmaj
Reel de Montreal[]MontrealStAntoine []QuébecreelGmaj-Dmaj
Reel Saint Antoine[]MontrealStAntoine []QuébecreelAmaj
Road to Boston[]YellowRoad []modernmarchDmaj
Road to Lisdoonvarna[]RoadCliffs []
LisdoonvarnaPipers []
Rory O'More[]n/aNew EnglandjigAmaj
Ross's Reel[]n/aNew EnglandreelFmaj
Sadie at the Back Door[]n/aAmerican Old TimereelDmix
St. Patrick's an dro[]SusanbirdStPats []
StPatsWren []
QPQ []
MorrisonCliffPat []
Bretonan droEdor
Sandy Boys[]HundredSandy []American Old TimereelAmin
Saut du Lapin[]The Pressley GirlsQuébecreelGmaj
Scollay's Reel[]n/aIrishreelEmin
Scotch Hornpipe[]n/aEnglshmarchDmaj
Sean Ryan's @ Polka[]Titanic []IrishpolkaDmaj
Shove that Pig's Foot a Little Farther in the Fire[]n/aAmerican Old TimereelGmaj
Spootiskerry[]SpootWillafjord []
SpootMorGrowl []
Spotted Pony[]ForkySpotty []
OldYellerPony []
American Old TimereelDmaj
Star of Munster[]n/aIrishreelAdor
Tennessee Waltz @ lead sheet[]n/amodernwaltzDmaj
Tennessee Waltz w/harmony[]n/amodernwaltzDmaj
Two Rivers[]n/amodernwaltzDmaj
La valse du chef de gare[]n/aQuébecwaltzGmajAndré Brunet lesson
Celtic Fiddle Festival
Valse des Jeunes Filles[]n/amodernwaltzDmaj
Varvindar Friska[]n/aScandinavianpolskaDmin
Vigers Polska[]n/aScandinavianpolskaGmaj
Waiting for Fish[]n/amodernwaltzDmin
Waiting For Nancy[]OldJoeNancy []
American Old TimereelDmaj
Waltz for a Winter Day[]n/amodernwaltzDmin
Whiskey Before Breakfast[]ColdFrostyWhiskey []
WhiskeyBeforeCatfish []
Willafjord[]GirlWilla []
SpootWillafjord []
The Wren @ Bm[]ColeWrenWren []Bretonan droBmin
Year of Jubilo[]BattleCryJubilo
PomerleauJubilo []
American Old TimereelDmaj
Yellow Rose of Texas[]YellowRoseSeneca []
YellowRoad []
American Old TimereelDmaj
Angeline the Vampire[]n/amodernreelDmin
Blood Red Wing[]n/amodernreelGmin
Golem's Slippers[]n/amodernreelGmin
Red Scare[]n/amodernreelGmin
Wicked Waterfall[]n/amodernreelDmin
Clear River Waltz[]newScandinavianwaltzDoorMats Eden, demo
Fiddle Backup
Fanny Power[]newIrishwaltzDmajThe Chieftains
Lament for Adina's Car[]newmodernwaltzDmaj
Margaret's Waltz[]newmodernwaltzAmajAllie Bain & Peerie Willie Johnson
Valse-Clog Guilmette[]newQuébecwaltzBmin, DmajDanse ce Soir
with clogging
Valse laurencienne[]newQuébecwaltzBminhouse session with Steve Jones
Steve Jones with Laurence Beaudry
Waltz Ukranian Style[]n/a?waltzAminaccordion & midi
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